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The Awesome Power of Solar Energy with Walter’s Electric

The ideal choice for Solar Technology with nearly 40 years in the industry!

After Walter’s passing in 2008, his wife, and his oldest son, Kaimi, created Laakea Solar Technology LLC in order to continue to serve the community and provide local homes and businesses with the best solar energy systems and services in the area. With almost 40 years of experience in the electrical industry, Laakea Solar Technology LLC is ideal choice for anyone seeking quality customer service, top of the line products and expert system installation and maintenance service. We can easily address all of the energy needs of a home or business promptly and efficiently so that our clients are never inconvenienced and always satisfied with our solar power systems.

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Reduce Cost, Pollution, & Hassle with Solar Energy!

The use of solar energy has been on the rise ever since the discovery of its countless benefits. When humanity learned to harness the sun’s energy to use it to power the Earth, we agreed that it’s one of the best ways to preserve the planet while providing efficient, hassle-free, and affordable energy. The awesome power of the sun is proving to be an ideal way to reduce the environmental costs associated with more traditional forms of energy.

Excellent Location for the Power of the Solar

Hawaii is an excellent location to harness the power of the sun, as the systems here can collect and use a great amount of energy, saving our customers hundreds of dollars in energy bills and saving the environment around us. Solar energy systems have been proven to reduce the carbon footprint of humans, as well as the costs to supply homes and businesses with electricity. The sooner you make the switch to solar energy, the sooner you’ll be saving your money and your planet!

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Solar Power is an Efficient & Cost-Effective Energy Alternative

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, photovoltaic power systems are not only reliable and provide pollution-free energy, but can also be a cost-effective energy alternative in locations where it is expensive or impossible to send electricity through power lines and other traditional power sources. Reducing pollution and receiving various tax credits and other incentives to make the change are just a few great reasons why solar energy is the best choice for any residential or commercial property. Solar Photovoltaic systems are not only an excellent way to save money, but a great practice that will help preserve the planet and the environment. As a reliable, renewable energy source, a solar power system will provide homes and offices with exemplary efficiency and cost-effective energy, essentially decimating your monthly electric bill.

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La’akea Solar Technology LLC Expert Solar Energy Systems

When it comes to quality solar energy systems, La’akea Solar Technology LLC offers quality equipment and expert installation services. We design, build, expand, and maintain efficient solar energy facilities, providing sustainable power and ongoing energy conservation. We offer residential and commercial roof and ground solar systems, as well as off-grid and hybrid systems for any home or business in the Hawaiian Islands.