3 Phase Electrical Panel Installation in Hilo, HI

Commercial electrical projects are difficult jobs and usually involve 3 Phase electrical panels. Most of all, it requires extensive knowledge of building codes, regulations, permits, and limitations. Therefore, it will require commercial electrical contractors with many years of experience.

Walter’s Electric Inc. is your best choice. With over 45 years of experience, we have worked on many high profile commercial projects. Especially relevant is that we hold a C-13 high voltage electrical contractors license. Our experience speaks towards our qualifications with conduits, raceways, trenching, backfilling, patching, surface restoration and more.

3 Phase vs. Single Phase Electrical Panel

Electrical panels are distribution boards that distribute an electric power feed into different and multiple power circuits. Industrial businesses require more energy than a typical residential home to power up their operations. Therefore, three-phase electrical panels are the best choices for commercial and industrial businesses.

Switching over from using a single-phase electrical panel to a three-phase electrical panel converter can be costly in the beginning, but will save you money in the long run. Commercial needs are more demanding due to items such as large air conditioning units, large appliances, multiple computers, and even industrial machinery. As a result, commercial buildings often have three-phase electrical panels. These panels allow for higher amperage to be delivered more efficiently to your building and at the right voltage that your equipment may require.

Your electrical engineer will design your electrical circuits based on your needs and consumption. After that, call on Walter’s Electric Inc. to do the installation for you. Since we do hold a C-13 electrical contractor license, you can rest assured that we will properly handle the installation, and it will be up to code. Contact us today!