Electrical Code Correction & Safety Inspection Services in Hilo, HI

All electrical installations deteriorate with use and age. Whether your home is a couple of years old or a couple of decades old, it happens. Electrical codes and electrical wiring regulations help ensure a safe environment. While our electricity usage continues to increase, these codes are also updated. Consequently, your home electrical system will eventually be out of compliance and unsafe.

The use of small electrical devices and other electrical devices has skyrocketed. Our household members are constantly consuming electricity at the same time. With multiple televisions, gaming devices, computers, tablets, mobile devices, washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc. Are you certain that your electrical system can handle that?

9 Reasons Why You Should Have an Electrical Safety Inspection Done

  1. SAFETY!
  2. Electrical fire: According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), electrical fires are the number one cause of residential fires in the US.
  3. An electrical safety inspection can identify problems in wiring, circuits, and connections that may otherwise go undetected.
  4. Electrocution: Electrocution can occur if using an outlet with bad wiring.
  5. Efficiency: Bad wiring and circuits can drain energy. Appliances that do not receive adequate power are not efficient. As a result, damages to these appliances may occur. Electrical inspections help you get a jumpstart on electrical home repairs and help prevent other major repairs from being created.
  6. Meet requirements of your insurance company
  7. Lower your electricity bill
  8. Be in compliance with county & state code regulations

A proactive approach can save on expensive damages and repairs in the future. Your peace of mind is worth the investment of the inspection. Hence, call us at Walter’s Electric Inc. We are up to date with the latest County and State code regulations. We will get you compliant and safe in no time.

When Should I Get My Electrical Inspection?

The following are times when you should definitely order an electrical safety inspection:

  1. Purchasing a home
  2. Remodeling your home
  3. Adding an extension
  4. Your home is over 10 years old
  5. Adding a high voltage appliance