Commercial Electric Usage Reduction Tips and Tricks

As smart business owners, you are constantly looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of your operations. Energy efficiency has come a long way over the years. These electric usage reduction tips will help make it possible to consume the same amount of electricity without having to pay the same amount on your electric bill.

Bulb Replacement with CFL and LED Lighting

Lighting a commercial property whether it is for your own office, warehouse, parking lot, or the entire commercial building is not cheap. Most of all, if you are the landlord, it can be really costly.

Adequate lighting can make or break the efficiency of your staff. Most of all, it can negatively affect the spending mood your clients will be in. Consider installing CFL or LED lighting as a way to reduce your electric consumption. However, the cost of business does not have to be expensive. Have your local electrician come in and install the correct ballasts you need to accommodate your CFL or LED lighting, whether it is the T8 or T12.

Upgrade Outdated HVAC Systems

The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment, or HVAC, in a commercial space plays a huge role in the comfort its occupants will experience. This can translate to work output efficiency of employees and the comfort and convenience of clients. HVAC systems require consistent preventative maintenance in order to work properly. The older your system, the costlier your electric bill can be.

Solar Energy

The power of the sun is free and clean. Installing a solar panel electrical system on your commercial property is a costly upfront investment, but over time, you’ll start to make up the costs with your electric usage reduction. With installing a solar panel electrical system, a wide array of solar solutions also becomes available to you. In Hawaii, solar energy backups allow you to store power in batteries, making it ideal in those situations whenever you experience power outages. This is also ideal for those commercial businesses wanting to take more control of their electric consumption. Call our sister company Laʻakea Solar Technology LLC at (808) 935-1686 to find out more.