Commercial Solar Services in Hilo, HI

Businesses depend on electricity to fuel up their operations in order to be successful. Furthermore, energy costs are a huge expense for any business. There are many ways to cut down on costs and be a successful enterprise. Taking advantage of the sun can help you achieve that!

When a company switches to solar, there are many benefits that they can enjoy! These include cutting down on your electricity bill, enjoying tax credit incentives offered by the state and federal government, as well as participation in an effort to be environmentally friendly and go green!

Commercial Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters can be independently installed from a solar energy system. Consequently, businesses that consume huge volumes of hot water at a time can greatly benefit from this. So save on your gas or electric bill by switching to solar water heaters.

Solar Energy Backups

Recent changes imposed on the solar market challenged the fate of the net energy metering program. Therefore, this may or may not have an impact if you have a system in place or not. See if you are affected by Hawaii Public Utilities Commission’s decision on the popular NEM program.

Energy Savings Products

Energy savings products are available to help you immediately save on your power bill, even if you don’t have a solar energy system installed. Installing LED lights, efficient T8 ballasts, or maybe even just doing an energy site audit can all help you save on energy costs in the long run. The professional staff at Walter’s Electric Inc can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Security Lights

These are great additions to your business for security, functional outdoor lighting, or ornamental outdoor lighting. Just like solar water heaters, these products operate even without a solar energy system. Find out more about what solar security lights can do for you.

Contact La’akea Solar Technologies

To learn more about our commercial solar products and services, please contact our partner company, Laʻakea Solar Technologies at (808) 935-1868. Their knowledgeable staff can help put together the ideal solar solution for your business. Contact them for custom design, financing, solar system maintenance, and more for your solar project.