Protect Your Home and Increase Its Value with Security & Outdoor Lighting in Hilo, HI

When it comes to protecting your family as well as your home, security and outdoor lighting should not be overlooked. Correcting insufficiently lit outdoor areas prevent many home invasions, trips, and falls.

First of all, you’ll need a plan. Walter’s Electric Inc. will survey and identify vulnerable spots around your home. Secondly, we will recommend the proper exterior light fixtures and placement. These may range from LED security spotlights, patio lights, and even motion sensor lights. Finally, we will then install your fixtures.

Motion Sensor Security Lights

At night, many homeowners find themselves having to navigate in the dark or wonder about strange noises in their backyards. A properly placed and installed motion sensor light will calm your fears. You’ll be safer when any nearby motion activates your lights and they switch on. Motion detector lights are inexpensive. It is a good solution for many situations on the interior and exterior of your home. As a result, it lowers your electricity bill.

Solar-Powered Lighting

Because the sun powers solar lights, it is a very good energy-saving solution. Placing it in an area that receives the sun all day can be quite challenging, even though this will produce the best results. But you can still have solar-powered lights in a fully shaded area. A professional electrician can help position a photovoltaic panel in an optimum position. Therefore, they will then be able to wire the lights directly to the energy source.