Residential Lighting
& Fixture Installation in Hilo, HI

As important as light is to our normal day to day operations (or rather night to night operations) use of your lights does not need to be costly. Thoughtful placement of light fixtures, LED bulbs, solar-powered lights along with other methods can drastically decrease your electricity bill. It also adds value to your home d├ęcor.

Here are a few examples of how we can help:

LED Lights

LED lights is a cost-effective way to light up your home and office. At Walter’s Electric Inc, we can install new hardware or work with existing ones. Call today and ask us about LED light dimmer switches and LED recessed lighting.

Solar-Powered Lights

Because the sun powers solar lights, it is a very good energy saving solution. Even though this will produce the best results, placing them in an area that receives the sun all day can be quite challenging. But you can still have solar-powered lights, in a fully shaded area. A professional electrician can help position a photovoltaic panel in an optimum position. Therefore, they will then be able to wire the lights directly to the energy source.

Residential energy saving lighting systems in Hilo, Hawaii

Motion Sensor Lights

At night, many homeowners find themselves having to navigate in the dark or wondering about strange noises in their backyards. A properly placed and installed motion sensor light will calm your fears. You’ll be safer when any nearby motion activates your lights and they switch on. Motion detector lights are inexpensive. It is a good solution for many situations on the interior and exterior of your home. As a result, it lowers your electricity bill as it will only activate when needed.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are another way to save energy. Instead of having a light shining to its brightest and fullest extent, dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness of the light.

We can seamlessly install dimmer switches throughout your home. First, we will inspect and survey your home for safety and compatibility concerns. Secondly, we will provide you with recommendations that you can choose from. Third, we will install your dimmer switches.

Dimmer switches may be fairly easy to install, but trust the professional service of Walter’s Electric Inc. and keep your safety as a top priority.