Electrical Panel Upgrade, Replacement & Installation in Hilo, HI

Until recently, a 100 amp panel was considered enough to power a house. However, we currently have more electrical devices that need power. Now, homes have more lighting, newer appliances, gadgets, and even electric cars. Therefore, a 200 amp electrical panel upgrade is common and at some point, you’ll need an electrical panel upgrade too!

When To Consider An Upgrade

Homes that run on electricity have a meter box on the outside. Below the meter box is a gray box, and inside it lays the electrical panels. The box has a row of switches, distributing power to smaller lines. The switch’s label indicates the circuit it powers. It also provides info on the circuit’s maximum amp capacity. When renovating or building an extension, you must ensure your panel can accommodate your new home’s electrical wiring projected. Call a professional to assess if you need a new panel.

Here are a few warning signs that may require you to get a home panel upgrade:

  • There are rusts and erosions on the switches.
  • Cackling sounds come from the breaker box.
  • Appliances run slower and not on full power.
  • Your home has older two-pronged outlets, not three-pronged outlets.
  • Your home is older than 25 years and receives 60-amp electrical service.
  • You often use extension cords inside your home.

An electrical panel can be ordered in different sizes and considerations if needed. Our technicians will help you determine which panel is right for you. We are here to talk to you today if you have questions about your home electrical panels.

Hilo’s Licensed Electrical Contractor

If your home meets at least one of the criteria above, call us today, and we will schedule an appointment for a licensed electrician to visit your property. We will look at your existing system and provide you with a free electrical estimate.